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Inconel Alloy Technical Data

Service    2,000°F (1,094°C)
Melting Point    2,500°F (1,372°C)

  • Nickel-Chromium-Iron alloy
  • Resists corrosion and heat
  • High strength and good workability
  • Virtually immune to chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking
  • Not hardened by precipitation
  • Resistant to sulfur compounds
  • Resistant to oxidizing conditions at high temperatures

Nickel (plus Cobalt)    72.0% min
Chromium    14 - 17%
Iron    6 - 10%
Carbon    0.15% max
Manganese    1.0% max
Sulfur    0.015% max
Silicone     0.50% max
Copper     0.50% max

Density    0.304 lb/cu in (8.43 gm/cu cm)
Specific Heat    0.106 (at 70deg;F, Btu/lb/ °F)
Poisson's Ratio    0.29 (at 70°F)
Electrical Resistivity    620 (at 70°F, ohm/circ mil/ft)
Curie Temperature    192°F
Permeability    1.010 (at 70°F and 200 oersted)
Thermal Conductivity    103 (Btu in/ft2 h °F))

  • Heat treating industry for retorts, muffles, roller hearths, and other furnace components for heat-treating baskets and trays
  • Aeronauts industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Nuclear reactors